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The Studio


Let's start with the facts:

*Over 3,200 square feet of space 

*6 licensed tattoo artists

*Over 70 years combined experience (and counting)

*1 full-time piercer

*1 Piercing apprentice

*1 Tattoo apprentice

*A Knoxville staple for over 10 years

Shop Rates

* $75.00 Minimum 

* $150 - $200 Hourly Depending on your Artist.

Okay, now that we've established what matters, time to seal the deal. 

Here at Ambition, our formula for excellence is simply the way we do business. We combine the best talent in town with passion for the industry, drive to grow as artists, and focus on providing the best tattoo and piercing possible. How long have you been talking about getting your next tattoo? That memorial tattoo for a loved one? That "first one" tattoo? When was the last time you got pierced? What about that piercing you've always wanted?

Look at it this way. 

You can go anywhere in Knoxville, or Tennessee for that matter, and get a reasonably priced, decent, professional tattoo that seems fine at first glance. It'll heal, you'll show it to your friends, and likely forget about it before you set up your next appointment. You wouldn't settle for a decent doctor, you wouldn't settle for a decent lawyer, and you probably would't settle for a decent babysitter. Why should your next tattoo be any different?

Ambition Tattoo offers a variety of styles suited for walk-ins to first or second timers, to experienced clients ready for their next big idea. Japanese is a growing tradition that can be altered into many subjects. Celtic designs are always popular. Lettering and script? Of course we do that. Portraits in black and gray keep some of out artists pretty busy, too!

I'm Danny Fugate, owner and resident artist of Ambition. I've over tattooing for almost two decades in order to bring you the best experience and the best artists possible. Come see what we do at Ambition Tattoo.

Ambition Tattoo
2001 N. Broadway

Suite A
Knoxville, TN 37917

(865) 200-4640

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