Danny Fugate

Tuesday-Thursday: 5-8

Friday: 5-9

A versatile artist, Danny finds the greatest satisfaction in hearing what clients want and making custom, 1 of 1 color pieces. His wide range of talent runs the gamut. His portfolio includes black work, bio-mechanical, portraits & realism, and of course, color. If you want it, Danny will make it happen.

Danny enjoys working on a personal level with his clients, ensuring that everything is a collaboration between the clients mind and his artistic talent. He prides himself in his ability produce highest quality tattoo and memorable experience. He thrives on his work and can go months without taking a day off, continuing to learn and grow. The process of learning to tattoo should never stop. Danny also enjoys painting, trying his hand at many different mediums and techniques, but finds working on skin most satisfying. Danny proudly displays many of his pieces on the walls at Ambition Tattoo in Knoxville, TN and tattoo conventions he attends as well. He is the founder and manager of the Knoxville Tattoo Convention, introduced in 2012. He also helped introduce the Chattanooga Tattooo Convention in 2013.

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