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Chris Cross

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Reintroducing ChrisCross to Ambition Tattoo (and yes, that is indeed his real name): With a nonsensical (but easy-to-remember!) name, it's a good thing ChrisCross found his artistic calling from a young age. While his kindergarten peers were busy learning their ABC's & 123's, ChrisCross was engaged in realizing his craft, working his crayons down to waxy nubs & creating grade school masterpieces on notebook paper & manila folders. It's unclear whether ChrisCross ever actually learned his ABC's and 123's, (SPOILER ALERT: he did . . . we think?) but his relentless dedication and love of all things art would set the stage for a lifetime of artistic pursuits to come. After a brief stint as a graphic novel creator, ChrisCross switched gears and began tattooing professionally in 2003 in Pigeon Forge, TN. He would go on to spend the next 12 years tattooing around TN and the rest of the United States, learning as much as he could, and working diligently to refine his craft. In 2015, ChrisCross stepped away from full-time tattooing to pursue other artistic opportunities, but the epic allure of tattooing continued to summon him back year after year. By 2022, ChrisCross knew he could resist no longer. Having no other choice but to answer the call of destiny, he returned to Ambition Tattoo to pursue this artistic renaissance. ChrisCross enjoys tattooing large & colorful subject matter in his pop-art animated style, and he specializes in film, comic book & anime characters.

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